Why support innocence project?

They sent Jeremy to jail. No one had an evidence against Jeremy , no eye witnesses, no testimony. Jeremy is not my acquaintance.But as a good samaritan I feel it is my duty to know his case. Judge handed the sentence of 30 years and nobody said anything at that time.Giving Jeremy 30 years is […]


A Poem.

They played with my life as if it was on sale Innocent and childish I didn’t read signs of telltale  Cowards and bullies came out of nowhere No I didn’t walk on the wrong trail It was the right trail which caused me to fail Who knew this train was destined to derail  These bright […]

Why I read.

I read to introduce myself to the new language, the relationship, the place, the people, the new experience.With books I can Study and learn About different subjects and expand my knowledge.Fire starts within me when the contents of the book remind me once more who I really am, what my life-purpose is, as I learn […]

Why I write.

Once upon a time…………….; Not every story starts like this. ………………….. Happily ever after; Not every story ends like this.And they are all beautiful stories. A day starts with a routine; breakfast, shower , newspaper, getting ready for work.It is a very wise idea to squeeze in a new activity in that busy routine and […]