What is a fulfilling life?

Having freedom , being able to do what you like and love is a great feeling . It’s very liberating to think that you are managing and handling everything on your own and thus no one will be able to force their opinions on you , you’re your own boss. You get a purpose in […]

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

No one can succeed by merely being lucky. Luck is a term defined by people with not enough scientific background. One plans carefully and logically to have the edge over other people and to increase the likelihood of becoming successful in life. Planning takes patience, careful observations, taking into consideration all possible scenarios , applying […]


The grind is hot, please forget not Sex hell yeah , but love do we not Money remains in the pot, until you call a shot Brothel it is , ashley madison so they thought Intercourse yes, NO to tying the knot Burning sensation like meat in the crockpot John is a guy and Rebecca […]