Celebrity Lookalikes I found online

Here is a Charlie sheen lookalike in Eliquis commercial. Specially when he shuts his mouth and presses lips against each other before opening his mouth again to speak the next sentence he totally reminds me of Charlie Sheen from Two and a half men.I have also included the link of Eliquis drug commercial in the […]

How people butcher English grammar

I would like to start by saying that I will keep updating this blog as I find more and more content . But for now here is a list of some of the grammatically incorrect English language sentences that I found online.I am also including what I heard from people around me while at work,campus,library,coffee […]

Grammatical errors I found in professional writings

As you can see in the above picture in the subtitles area ,the word “defendant” is misspelled. In the above picture as one can see the word “neighbor” is misspelled. I must assume that editors know how to spell it correctly but they failed to proofread it . I would think twice before trusting this news source,as can […]

How to update Android software on a Smartphone .

In the phone you will find menus where you can navigate by clicking on the wrench icon or three horizontal bars where you simply click to open a menu. Android has been deployed on so many different manufacturer’s phones that it has now been unique for each phone to function differently and have a different […]