The only reason why I watched Gangnam Style video a few times.

Here’s why I watched this song more than once.


The first time I heard about this song was when my roommate told me around end of 2012 or may be the beginning of 2013 or more precisely when this video had around 600 million views.

The first time I watched it,I didn’t even feel like watching the video till the end,it just couldn’t keep me connected to it.
Then I was like “but it has 600 million views so there has to be something special about this.May be it’s just that I am not able to get it.”
If I am correct ,at that time this was the second most popular video on Youtube after Justin Bieber’s Baby video .
Then I also noticed some people doing dance move where they put their hands out overlapping each-other and lift up and down,while walking on the street talking to their friends.
Second time I watched it was about two months later,Again this time also I couldn’t find anything special and eye-catching.
Now I am starting to think may be this is turning out to be same experience as those art galleries.
When I see other people staring at painting which looks nothing more than just some doodles done by a 5 year old kid to my eyes,I wonder what is so unique and charming about this ,that others are
so intently gazing at it.

So far I might have watched this video approximately 7 or 8 times but still fail to understand why it deserves 2 billion views.
Or is it that people watch it because it already is so famous that they also wanna be a part of it and don’t wanna look like oddballs who don’t get it.I believe after its certain popularity ,it has been able to keep generating views because of Halo effect.

I may watch it again in the future hoping to catch the interesting part and not feel left out.
To all those who watched this video can you genuinely tell me whether you really liked it or you were baffled as to why this would generate over 2 billion views?


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