How people butcher English grammar

I would like to start by saying that I will keep updating this blog as I find more and more content .
But for now here is a list of some of the grammatically incorrect English language sentences that I found online.I am also including what I heard from people around me while at work,campus,library,coffee shops,stores and what not.
I believe that people can learn something about grammar from reading this.

Difference between your and you’re.

Your is a second party possessive.If you want to tell someone that a book belongs to them,you can say “This is your book.”

While you’re is a contraction of you and are.If you want to tell someone they’re  nice, you can say “You’re a nice person (more on third party singular problem later).”Here are a couple of memes to explain the case.



The next one is about the English language not having something very important which is a third party singular pronoun when the gender is unknown.Here is the situation:

There are two or more employees having a chat in the break room during their break.They are talking about the next candidate to be appointed to the manager’s position .They know that there a few men and a few women

candidates and only one of them is going to be elected.If let’s say employee named Jacob wants to state during the discussion that whoever the new manager is,he or she has to be a great communicator and team player .

Now every time saying he or she doesn’t sound nice and also isn’t very convenient for Jacob to speak and for his listeners to hear.Moreover,if Jacob uses they instead of he or she then again there’s a problem as they is a plural and Jacob along with everyone else in on the discussion knows that only one person is going to be appointed to the manager’s position.
This is an example of a scenario where English language is missing something very critical but unless and until we have the solution we can use plural pronoun.
Jacob can say whoever the new manager is,they have be a great communicator and team player .

Here are some of my pet-peeves.
When people say a same word twice to emphasize the meaning of a word .
Example:If Joanna goes to work and his/her co-worker Jill is already there at the workplace.

Jill: Did you just get here ?
Joanna:Yes,I just got here right now.
Jill:You mean right now right now?

Now saying right now twice doesn’t change the meaning of it.Saying right now twice doesn’t make the arrival of Joanna any more recent that if you were to say it just once .
Here is a vine to explain that situation.

When trying to make a statement or explaining a situation ,people overuse the filler word like unnecessarily  .They sound uneducated and also annoy their listeners.Here is an example video to illustrate my point.

Here is a video on how to fix that issue.

I have heard people say :

There’s a lot of cars there .

There’s all kinds of people there.

The grammatically correct way to say that would be:

There are lot of cars there .

There are all kinds of people there.

Working at a hotel I have had to hear people say

My key don’t work.

she don’t got an extra key.

He don’t have his I.D. with him.

Is you’ll pet friendly?

Where is you guys located?

Here are those sentences written grammatically correct way.

My key doesn’t work.

She doesn’t have an extra key.

He doesn’t have his I.D. with him.

Are you pet friendly?

Where are you guys located?


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