Celebrity Lookalikes I found online

Here is a Charlie sheen lookalike in Eliquis commercial.

Specially when he shuts his mouth and presses lips against each other before opening his mouth again to speak the next

sentence he totally reminds me of Charlie Sheen from Two and a half men.I have also included the link of Eliquis drug commercial in the link below the picture.



Here is a comparison between Angelina Jolie and Lena Sands.

lina_one (1)


If it’s difficult for you tell which photo is of Angelina Jolie ,then the one on left is Angie.One on right is of Lena Sands.

The first time I saw Lena Sands was in the video on YouTube,and I couldn’t tell whether it was a prank video and a real one.I thought it was actually Angelina Jolie trying to pull a prank on viewers but then I realized as I browsed more on the internet and found more of Lena’s pictures,that it really wasn’t her.Here’s a link to the video 

I believe Bradley cooper takes after Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan.Specially their chin and hair look very identical.


The first time I realized that these two actors look similar was when I was walking down street and I happen to look at the poster of at that time newly released movie titled Green Lantern.At first I thought it was Hrithik Roshan ,but then again if and when a Bollywood actor gets the opportunity to play a lead role in a Hollywood movie it tends to become a news headline in India and no Indian can possibly miss it , doesn’t matter in what part of the world that Indian resides.It was later when I got home and did some research on Google and I came to know that it was Bradley Cooper in the poster of Green Lantern.Here is that poster that I looked at the first time in 2013.

Green Lantern


Next I would like to show you the female author of book The end of America ,her name is Naomi Wolf. She looks like Marisa Tomei ,I first saw her in Lincoln Lawyer with Matthew Mcconaughey.Here is the comparison between the two of them.

MV5BMTUwMjA3OTc3N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNTA1MzY1Mw@@._V1_SY317_CR12,0,214,317_AL_Naomi Wolf


Here is a teenager I saw on a YouTube video on Jimmy Kimmel show.She looks just like Avril Lavigne or can I say her little sister.




Here is a link to the video where I saw this girl.

Kim Kardashian’s mom Kris Jenner look-alike snatching a base ball from a little girl.





Steve ballmer Executive of Microsoft resembles terry bradshaw from shinglesinfo.com commercial.
Terry Bradshaw and Steve Ballmer also closely resemble a cartoon character called Walter made by a ventriloquist
named Jeff Dunham.Here’s the comparison between all three of them.




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