Thanks for waiting at the library ……..for someone else .

You stood there at the college campus on frigid and windy day probably waiting for your friends . Windy weather tousled your hair , look at the nature’s guts . How dare nature’s beauty mess with your glorious beauty like that , I know you must have forgiven the nature. While trying to comb your […]

How flippancy of food workers can cost someone their life.

In restaurant business Food Handlers Certificate determines or proves that a worker has a considerable amount of knowledge to prepare ,cook and serve food for customers. Their carelessness can cost not only to the business they are employed by but also health of customers dining there. I have seen some restaurants where workers who handle […]

Fast will be broken when total of 30 subscribers reached

I will die of starvation if I don’t reach the goal of 30 subscribers.There’s no deadline but one can only imagine how long a person can go without food.I am stubborn when it comes to setting a goal and accomplishing it.If it is difficult to believe then I must convince you that I won’t eat […]

Are humans racist or classist?

I must agree that physical attractiveness is something I respect and adore. There have been numerous occasions when my decision has been significantaly affected because of attractiveness of the person. Brain works differently for everyone. I believe that according to the core principles of human psychology ,our behavior is largely determined by the environment around […]