Introverts and their voice in the loud world

Did you have a hard time speaking in front of people?
Do you avoid being center of attention?
Did you have a really hard time in school making friends?
Was it very difficult for you to speak to strangers?
Did you refrain yourself from raising hand in a class even though you knew the answer to the question asked by a professor?

Introverts are very much alone sometimes and they enjoy their loneliness.
They prefer to stay in their shell ,like a tortoise , when they see others they tend to hide inside their shell.
Right from the beginning there appears to be a gap in communication.
Human nature can be defined in many ways .
I believe it is an illusion in the mind of introverts that others may be able to find out what’s inside of them,others will be able to disclose the Introvert’s personality and character .
and thus Introverts tend to act very passively and hideous in the social settings.

Introverts feel that emotions and feelings must not be revealed in front of people , revealing their inner emotions is considered the invasion of privacy.
Nervousness kicks in with strangers or strange places around them.
The symptoms are that voice becomes shaky while speaking to strangers,becomes difficult to keep an eye contact,may not be able to speak about relevant subject.
They want to perform to their best and make sure they don’t receive any lower grade than they deserve.
They are too conscious about their own image and self worth.They feel that if they say or do something silly then their value will be diminished.
Personality traits have been studied by a lot of scholars in the area of psychology.
The goal is to keep their image and reputation secure and undefeated.
They believe that speaking too much or speaking /doing something that is not of much value and importance will degrade the quality of their content and thus their character will be perceived as that of a unintelligent person
or someone who is not of the top class.
Making new friends is particularly hard as introverts tend to greatly misinterpret neutral facial expressions of people when they look into other’s eyes specially of those who are new to them.
Experiments can show the body language and other indications of Introverts under their nervous mental state.

I believe if Asch experiment also called Conformity experiment were to be performed on Introverts ,in majority of the experiments Introverts will not correct what’s wrong and just go along with others.
There needs to be a great amount of courage and willingness to tackle confrontation to not fall for Asch experiment.

Society has this pre-conceived notions about different character traits and judges individuals based on the certain types of characteristics they carry.
In American School system Extroverts or people with loud and gregarious personality types are perceived by professors to be more intelligent and strong.

In classrooms, group work is encouraged often by professors to force students to get into groups of four or five and participate in different activities and projects.There are pros and cons of conducting a class in this
manner.Grades are assigned based on the contribution of students towards the group work.The identity and uniqueness of an individual gets masked when group activities take place.

There are certain parameters within which they prefer to act and behave,they have this presumption that acting outside of those boundaries can jeopardize their image and character.

They are too cautious of their surroundings and watch every word they speak.
They believe that their actions will be judged greatly by beholders and thus they withdraw themselves from social settings and hesitate taking steps that they deem to be unintelligent and unnecessary.

The following questions may make them feel uncomfortable but others think it is a good way to engage them into the conversation.
Did you lose your tongue?
Why aren’t you talking?
Do you want to join us?
You can talk to me ,I am a nice person.
Are you tired?
Are you always alone?
Coming out of their shell requires a lot of efforts,courage and preparation on their side.


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