The Internet is my friend , for a reason.

As I get up in the morning,the first thing I do even before going to the restroom is juggle and find my phone from somewhere on the bedsheet and look for notifications.
I have become so addicted to this Internet thing that I feel better when I see a notification online than when I am walking on the street and someone who passes by me greets me with a smile and a greeting.
Infact sometimes I find it a little bit upsetting if not depressing, when there is no notification from any of the social websites, apps and messages.

I must admit that I am an Introvert,but does it mean that the case I have wouldn’t hold true for Extroverts .Internet gives me better hopes about my life than the offline world.
Is this the time that humans have evolved into such species where technology overrides are intellect and confidence when it comes to our own feelings and emotions. If someone meets me offline and asks me
“What is your plan for this coming weekend” has totally different effect on me than someone asking me the same question online.
I must agree that meeting a person in real life stimulates different senses and emotions in our brain or atleast in my brain than meeting someone online.
Why is such a case?
Because in real world I feel the urge to respond quickly ,one ought to be spontaneous to come up with a wise answer.
People know that they are exhibiting inner emotions through their body language and thus they feel that they are being exposed.

I feel that I am being totally exposed in public as someone interacts with me.
I don’t have to worry about how someone would react or if they will get angryon the Internet, I can say as I wish and not worry and fear about other’s reaction.


One thought on “The Internet is my friend , for a reason.

  1. Stumbled across this post. Good job writing this out. I know what you mean about the different levels of excitement or feeling a person can have when interacting online verses in reality. There is a certain pleasure in knowing that online you can take your time and really think out what it is you want to say…even re-read it before you hit that all important SUBMIT button to make sure you are getting your point across well. In person…we don’t always have this luxury and that can lead to many unfortunate things being said for those people in the world who tend to speak before they think. Good job…keep it up.

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