How to be creative even when you’re bored.

My dad taught me something when I was around 15.He said If you can go out and make some money I will believe you have some talent and you will impress me.His advice/suggestion was to help me understand the mean world outside
and realize the importance and value of money.His words were to make me wise and help me gain street smarts, be strong enough so that no one can fool me.

Assuming you have a computer with internet connection.
Writing a book is a good hobby to develop,which can also offer many benefits as you will learn writing skills and if people enjoy what you write you may create some fans and even job opportunities.We humans have a brain
that has its own capabilities which are beyond our imagination.Fired up brain cells can achieve so much that one would be amazed with his/her own ability to accomplish something.
These activities can range from physically demanding to mentally challenging from indoor to outdoor.

You can go to facebook groups and join any group of your choice with 7000 or more members.You can go to facebook and post something catchy and interesting in any group of your choice and most likely other members of the group
will comment on what you said.The more members are in a group the better as you’re mote likely to get a response in a short time.After joining post something catchy
and interesting in and most likely other members of the group will comment on what you said,while doing that you may make some interesting friends.

One can challenge themselves by setting a goal that they will create a video now that will have generated atleast x number of views by a certain date.

If you have a smartphone , you can download any popular sketching/drawing app and start drawing ,you can also post it to a website where people post their art-work and get reviews and feedback from art lovers.
You can make money by reviewing products online from candies to hair products and from smartphones to earphones .You can leave your comments and feedbackand telling the world what you think about them.

I hope that your life is wonderful and full of colors but If you feel like learning what stress and pain other people are going through , there’s a website called fml(f*** my life)where you can read other people’s tragic life
moments and feel good realizing that your life is way better than other’s.Sometimes you may also read funny stories.
There are many jobs that will pay you for doing something online.If you want to make money in your spare time ,you can go to , and many other websites where you can find freelance jobs posted by other
people who are willing to pay you to finish their projects.Projects could range from computer programming to doscument editing from providing network solutions to writing essays.

There are ways you can provide mailing services to companies who need those services,they pay you depending on the number of mails prepared.

If you have a car ,you can become Uber ,Lyft driver and start making money for offering rides to people in need.

If you have a knack for pranks and being funny,you can prank call others , record the audio and post it on YouTube.A good example of someone doing the same would be Ownage Pranks who probably makes a good amount of money by
pranking individuals and businesses.His channel has around 2 million subscribers.

You can review products of different businesses and review them online and get paid telling others what you thought about those products and provide your own feedback and suggestions for improvement as well as receive the
same from viewers.In most cases you also get to keep the wonderful products.

At your local public library ,you can volunteer to become a tutor and read out to blind citizens and to those who didn’t have enough privileges to go to school and learn to read.If you insert your volunteering activity on your resume ,it will look impressive and you are more likely to get a job you need.You will also build a good Karma which will pay you.


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