Making money online

One should be able to fetch people from all over the world onto his/her content online.
One must be able to find niche interest and provide their audience with technical details to satisfy their needs.Some examples of niche interests would be as listed below:

How to grow flowers
How to fly a drone plane
How to repair a car
How to dye hair
How to properly apply make-up
How to write/publish a book
How to write a resume
How to cook
How to analyse stocks
How to invest in real estate
How to make drinks
A guide to buy clothing accessories
How to impress co-workers
How to engage in Kinky and Erotic ,BDSM sex (success of 50 shades of grey is a great example and there are a lot of people interested in this dark topic)

These are the ways one can generate viewers to their content for everyone has a unique need and a hobby in this world.Passionate people must keep updating their content regularly to keep their loyal viewers/subscribers
engaged and entertained.Just like a T.V. show that broadcasts every week.
The goal is to feed them the material that is fresh, new and not outdated.Communicate with visitors through different mediums like twitter,facebook,blogging sites,comment sections as they may have questions,
requests,feedbacks,suggestions,recommendations etc.By listening to viewers’ advice you will be able to know the trend and expectations of your fans.

The fanbase ought to be treated like your family ,pay very close attention to your fans’ demands and make the best efforts to fulfill them in a timely manner.
Mastery comes after countless failures,In the beginning one may face difficulty trying to emerge as a popular internet model as you are new but with time , patience and experience eventually you will grow, provided you are
consistent with your efforts.

Make a very good use of social media like google plus,facebook,linkedin,pinterest,instagram,twitter,YouTube etc.Post the links to your work on all the platforms that direct the traffic to your place.Once you have enough
subscribers and viewers it will create a Halo Effect which will also propel your views online by attracting new viewers.

Create a mailing list where you have list of all the people who are interested in being notified as soon as you upload new content which will e-mail them regularly.


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