My experience at a club

We entered around 10:40 p.m.

A dozen people waiting in line ,I could see about three security guards outside.It totally looked like we were there a bit too early.But we got in ,paid $30 each person.Saw two girls with fake mustache ,I wonder why they had it on but didn’t care to ask.They put a stamp on my right hand behind the wrist which said “Super “and next to it a star symbol,I just became a superstar for paying $30.
As I enter and try to go around ,there is a coat check guy standing there ,who got the coat and I believe there was no charge for that.But there was a jar to tip.
Now we walk further inside the club and see a bar first and then the dance floor.
There are two bars on the first floor ,one on each side .
They also have a raised stage also called dais where unlike booty/dna lounge where everyone can go up and dance,only the hosts can go and dance.( I need to verify the grammar on that last sentence
with English professors,moving on.)
At this time I see about two dozen people in the whole area that includes dance floor and bar area.Only dj on the raised platform at this moment.No other hosts.I see about 5 couches of V.I.P. sitting.
I wait about 5 minutes and order a non-alcoholic drink,for getting intoxicated at the club where some individuals could be on power trip is the most rookie mistake one decent person could make.I have seen fights break out at clubs in the past everyone wants to show off testosterone levels.Anyways I grab my red-bull and start sipping , wait patiently to find a girl to fixate my eyes on as I am a type that doesn’t believe in going after a few OK girls but rather one perfect and classy looking woman.
I fail to find it yet,so I head upstairs to realize that there total of 5 people up there which includes two stafff members and me.The other three were guys,I see a third bar up there.I also see some sitting arrangements with couches ,about 4 of them,most probably V.I.P. tables.No dance floor up there.Now I decide to head down but I do not go right away
because I just came up a minute ago ,If I go back down now then I would look like some desperate guy looking to get laid. A horn dog who as soon as spots a girl he likes , runs toward her gets uncomfortably close and starts dancing by rubbing his banana up against girl’s behind wrapping his arm around her waist without even saying hi or asking if she would like to dance with him .Hehe,I enjoy watching those types of guys get smacked in the throat and and/or called a**hole.

Now I have stayed up there for good 5 minutes and feel that it’s time I headed downstairs without looking like someone dying to get laid.
I see that still not many people added to the original two dozen count downstairs.I leave the club and plan to get back after about half an hour.
Now I am outside the club walking as I am just around the corner ,a walking girl gazes at me smiles, starts walking towards me and stops .This girl with her exposed cleavage and bouncing boobs stops in front of me with a sneer smile lays her hand on my shirt’s button and says “Hey handsome”.
When a girl with this type of attire and demeanor says that to me ,the way my brain interprets that message is :” I am a hooker ,how much you got?”
I play along as if I may go with her and spend a couple hundred dollars at a nearby cheap motel;because I just wanted to kill time I stopped and talked .The truth is I am never going to buy a hooker.Here is the transcript of our conversation.
hooker:I like your hair
me:oh thanks , you can touch it.(She doesn’t touch it)
hooker:What are you doing tonight?
me: I am here at the club .Trying to find a girl.(ME signaling that I am desperate so that she would try harder and talk more but at the same time not revealing that I won’t spend a dime on this trick.)
hooker:Wanna have fun?
me:Yes(Pretending I don’t know she is a hooker)
hooker:Do you have a room here?
Me:No I am from concord.
hooker:We can have fun in a room .
Me:Is it going to cost me?(Me pretending that now I am catching her drift)
hooker:(smiles and stares at my shirt button then looks back up at me.But doesn’t say a word)
me:Unfortunately I don’t have any cash.
Hooker:(straight face,not smiling anymore and leaves.
me:Are you leaving?
Hooker:(keeps walking and doesn’t say a word)

Now I walk further and in about 70 feet I see a girl about 40 feet away walking toward me,I am 99% sure she is looking at me at this point of time.
She has buttock length hair,cleavage exposed,a little big which I like and fantasize all the time.
At this time my heart is pounding because I am not sure she is a hooker as well.When a pretty girl looks at me I get the same sensation full of nervousness and fear that I get when I am in the classroom of a subject that I am very poor at and am sitting in the last row and instructor stares at me for good three seconds making me feel that he/she is about to ask me to get up and ask a question that is so easy that anyone in the class could answer but I wouldn’t be able to answer.

In my mind I am wishing and hoping that this girl not be a hooker,because she is so pretty from 40 feet away that I want her to be a girl who really likes me from 40 feet away and that’s the only reason she is staring at me.

As the distance decreases and eventually we are close enough to talk ,she goes: “Hey handsome.”
My brain with sad and dejected face interprets the message correctly .Again I decide to play along with this one as well.In the back of mind I am thinking if the first hooker spots me chatting with this one ;suddenly she would run towards us and warn this one and probably say a bad word to me.The conversation starts;

Second hooker:(puts her hand on my pant button ,yes just below my belly button)How are you doing?
Me:good.just trying to find a pretty girl.(also wanting to say keep the hand there please).I am here at the club ruby sky trying to find an interesting and pretty girl.
Scond hooker:We can have fun.You may have to buy 20 drinks to the girl at the club.You should go with me.
me:will it cost me?(By this time I already have a boner)
Scond hooker:We can talk about that.
me:I don’t have cash right now.I can take your number.
Scond hooker:starts walking.
Now I walk further and I am at union square.
I walk around and go back to the club.This time I see that a lot of people thronged after I left.Now I try to find a girl I might have inclination for.
I start dancing lightly as I am shy.I see some girls I like.
I see two girls standing by themselves ,after about twenty minutes I approach them.put my arms around the nape of their necks.I ask them to dance with me ,one of them says sure but we can dance here outside of crowd,Then I ask if we could go in the center instead and her answer was no.I left.I didn’t go back to them.

I keep dancing and checking girls out.By 1 a.m. the dance floor is wet and full of dropped cups of drinks.
Periodically accidental and intentional kicking of cans and cups started occurring.

On the raised stage there were three girls with their costume dancing and a masculine guy dancing along with two security guards on each end.
around 2 a.m. dj stops and a different guy replaces him as people said they wanted to dance more.
around 3:20 we left.
music :7 out of 10
ambience :6 out of 10
gender ratio:6 out of 10
dance floor size:4 out of 10
presence of creepy people:
safety:6 out of 10
cover charge: 7 out of 10


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