Sapphire at Las Vegas

One of their marketing guys was working there and asked me if I wanted to look at lovely half naked ladies and have fun and there was no cover charge.He went on to add ,there are about 250 ladies
tonight.He said names of a few clubs but I knew I was going to Sapphire as I had heard lot about it.
It was a saturday night.So I said yes to him like a kid would to his parent for a candy.He called a ride for me and within 15 minutes the car was there.Me along with another gentleman
who was stranger to me , got in the limousine.I got a complimentary ride in a limousine from outside the casino to one of the world’s biggest strip clubs .

The fancy car got me there in about 20 minutes,may be it took us way less than 20 minutes but I felt it took us 20 minutes because I was desperately waiting to see this place and check out the
strippers.When you are waiting for something that you are very excited about and can’t wait for it every minute feels like an hour.

I get out of limousine after tipping the driver/chauffeur ,I see two huge moving spot lights at the either end of the entrance aiming up at the sky.It’s a grand entrance where I see a group of
about 7 coming out laughing,looking delighted and talking about the girls they had chat with inside.

I get in , bouncer checks my I.D.lets me go.I am happy that bouncer let me go,there’s something about employees in authority that eventhough I haven’t done anything wrong when I am stopped by
them I start getting nervous and shaky.

I enter the floor I see about two strippers sitting on the couch another about four standing next to them ,some of them talking to each-other ,others looking at the girls preforming on stage and
other just looking around probably seeking for high-rollers.

As I march forward one of the girls from that group in pink two piece starts grinning at me and as I’m stepping down the stairs we are both gazing at each other and as I get closer she grabs my
hand and her thighs are touching my croach now.While I was stepping down the stairs I felt like a rockstar ,you know that moment when you enter some building and suddenly some eyes are on you
She says “How’s your night going on?Are you here by yourself?Come,I’ll show you around”.
She takes me to a bar area ,one at the far end from entrance.As we are walking towards the bar ,she is holding my hand I have never felt so manly and successful before .
Feeling like a boss I approach the bar and the bartender who appears to be even more cute asks me with a smile “What can I get you guys?”
I got my drink she got her and she lit a cigarette for herself.
I talked to her for about 10 minutes which I found a little shocking from her side because on saturday night they would talk to a potential client if you will for a minute or so and if there is
no agreement for lap dance or even a tip then they would simply disappear.While talking to her I am also checking other strippers out some of them really classy and gorgeous.

At this club the top comes off during a dance ,one girl I saw was topless when she was just walking on the floor.
They have private areas needless to mention ,starting from $500 and up.
There are two main stages with poles for a stripper to dance.

The floor size is grand .If you were to combine 20 hustler clubs in sf you would get this club.
There really were more than 200 girls as the marketing and sales guy had assured me.
I didn’t want to leave but had to go .


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