Smartphones are dumb if…….

I get an advertisement for an app which is already installed on my phone.I was playing some angry birds on my phone and I got an advertisement for fruit ninja which was already onstalled on my phone.

My phone’s screen turns off automatically when I’m reading in dark .Apparently it is supposed to stay on for as long as it sees my face through camera,now obviously when it’s dark it’s not going to be able to see my face but
that doesn’t mean it can just turn off the screen while I’m reading an interesting article. It is very annoying . Just to be able to read during dark ,I’m not going to go to settings and change the settings so that it doesn’t
turn the screen off on me like that. How do you solve this?
Well, one way is to simply deactivate the screen auto lock feature when the ambient light sensor detects darkness around .

With android phones (I don’t know about iphone) ,the home button is just below the red end call button(which supposedly ends the call) when you’re having a conversation with someone on the phone .There are times when I wanna
do something else on the screen while still carrying on a conversation with someone.It has happened in the past that I was trying to open some other app and my thumb (or finger) would hit the end button accidentally and hang
up the phone.The red end button to hang up the phone should be a little bit away from the home button so that while trying to press home button we do not accidentally hit the red button and hang up the phone against our will.

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