List of my fat lies, when I was small .

When I used to work in a customer service department at a grocery and at a clothing store many customers would ask me often “Do you guys have more of this ?(holding that product/merchandise in their hands and showing it to
me)”.My throwaway answer to that chewed up question would always be “Whatever we have is out there on the sales floor” .I know most of the times my answer was wrong meaning we sure had more of that in the stock.But why should
I take time out and go above and beyond my job duties and go to the stock room and look for something if I don’t have to or more so I don’t want to especially when I know that I am not going to get paid extra either by
employer or by a customer.

When instructor asks in classroom “any questions”or “is everyone following me” I never raise my hand and say I didn’t get it or that I have a question.I feel that I am going to look like a dimwit if I ask questions,the truth
is I always have some questions,but I don’t admit.I hope that when I get home and study I will be able to figure out on my own.

When I am in the public setting e.g. mall,theatre,store,restaurant,library,walking on the street ,bar and my phone is in my pocket and a stranger asks me “Can I borrow your phone” my answer is “I don’t have a phone”as I feel
that if I lend it to them either they will run away or they will drop my costly smartphone with their butter fingers and say sorry and leave.

When I am pulled over for speeding and a cop asks “Do you know how fast you were going?” My answer is always 30 miles fewer than the speed at which I knew I was driving my car.

When I am pulled over for speeding and a cop asks “why were you going so fast?”my lies are “I am late for a job interview/school ,I have to use the restroom,I am going to the airport.”

When I get pulled over for driving reckleslly and in a zigzag manner and the cop asks “Have you been drinking this evening?” The answer is always no.

When I am pulled over for expired registration ‘/broken light ,my lies are “I have been busy with school lately.I will get it done tomorrow.”

When someone asks me my G.P.A. I always tell them a little higher than it actually is.

On the resume ,I claim to have achieved things that I never did.I claimed to have volunteered but actually never did volunteer.

When a pretty girl asks me if I have a girlfriend ,my answer is always no.

When I am at a club and a girl asks my name ,it is always made up.

When I am with friends and I break a wind,they turn towards me and my answer is “it wasn’t me”.

When someone likes something I have put on e.g. watch,clothing,scent and ask how much it was ,I always say more than the actual price.

When someone asks what types of grades I received when I was in school,the asnwer is mostly As while the fact is mostly Cs .

When interviewer/recruiter asks how many words I can type the answer is 20 more words than I can actually type.

When someone asks how many books I read last year,the answer is 50 more than the actual number.

When someone asks if I ever cheat during exams,the answer is no.


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