A message to Uber.

In India, a woman passenger was raped last year by an Uber driver.
In America also a girl was molested by an Uber driver.
I believe people especially women would refrain from applying to become Uber drivers when they hear these stories as they will fear for their safety.
I believe that just like there is a screening procedure to become an Uber driver ,there should also be a procedure in order to qualify to become an Uber passenger.

There are many websites that allow one to look up background information and records abpout people by entering their phone number for a nominal fee.Uber should have a system that allows its drivers to be able to do this so that can make sure that the passenger is decent and not a criminal or a sex offender.

When a passenger intentionally or accidentally damages a car of the driver,a passenger should be held liable .I read somewhere that a passenger deliberately slashed the car seats with a knife,out of hatred toward the Uber driver’s race.Uber should require that upon installation of the app,the user/passenger should upload the government issued photo id to the Uber’s records,that way in the event of crime ,Uber can take legal actions against them.

Then again I may be wrong and they may have already thought about all this but there are other factors that are keeping them from implementing all these.


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