Community colleges and their frivolity

I remember when I went to the community colleges ,professors’ only goal seemed like to let a certain number of students scrape through and move on.I remember there were so many extra credit points,pop quizzes and other ways to earn points that even the laziest students and the ones who never showed up at school would also pass the class .I believe the reason why professors do this is to maintain the image  of their teaching ability as a professor . If not enough people pass the class then it would mean that the professor doesn’t have a good teaching power and students don’t understand the material very well because of it.Some professors even allow students to bring in notes during exams,some professors go to the extent of letting the students bring book to exams also called #open book test.With pop quizzes, instructors always give hints to students as to what questions may be there on the pop quiz and surely they are there when students see the pop quiz and the same goes for final exam too.

A few instructors also allow unofficial cheating during when conducting tests. I remember in my trigonometry class ,instructor would sit there on the chair and watch everyone gossiping and exchanging answers but wouldn’t say a word.He would turn a blind eye because he know otherwise more students would fail putting his job in danger.

In my algebra and calculus class we were requested to take quizzes online which would  make up 30% of our total grade in class.Also we were allowed to re-take the quizzes as many times as we would like to get the best score
possible.Now,one can only imagine students will cheat until they got 100% or close to 100% score in each quiz.With Google it has become so easy these days to find answers to almost any question one may have.

I wonder if this type of flippancy being allowed in college brings down the level or standard of universities where these students get transferred to.I also wonder if it reflects at workplaces where these students get a job after putting on their resume all the qualifications and achievements they received at community colleges.


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