How Tinder can possibly improve .


Once you swipe from right to left also known as NOPE,there’s no way to get back to that girl if you change your mind later.One should be able to do so ,as we may want to get back to someone we disliked first or someone we swiped as a dislike by mistake while doing it hastily.

You can upload at most 6 pictures.We may not be able to express ourselves with just 6 images.

To be able to upload a new picture on the profile ,you must first upload it to Facebook.It may become difficult when you’re away from your laptop/desktop and want to upload an image on Tinder.What if you’re away from laptop /desktop and you want to upload an image to Tinder that is not already on your Facebook.

There is no way to search for people of specific characteristics,needs and wants .One may want to search for people of only certain height,weight,body type,race.One may want to browse for people with certain interests like music,dancing,writing,swimming etc.What happens because of lack of this functionality is we see all the girls available within certain area around us and we end up disliking almost all of them,which would be a waste of time .

People with kids,pets,smoking habits may want to look for only likewise people.

You can only send message to someone who has matched with you.Being matched means both of you should like (swipe left to right) each other.What if you want to say something to someone instead of liking them.

500 characters are not enough for one to describe themselves , interests , hobbies and their expectations in a match.I think one needs to tell more to the world to explain what they are made of ,what they expect in a partner and their ideology about life and career.


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