Lose weight the easy way.

There are millions of diet programs out there to help you stay fit and lose weight.From Jenny Craig to Weight Watchers.Eating a couple of chocolate chip cookies will require you to get on a treadmill and walk at 5 miles per
hour for good 10 minutes to burn the calories you gained by eating cookies .In my religion fasting is very important and it’s a way to prove your bond with God almighty.I have seen that it’s pretty common among the followers
of my religion that people may fast for 3 days in a row ;by the way the fasting in my religion means no food at all during fasting and only water can be drunk between sunrise and sunset.My record is 8 days long fast.Even I
was amazed ,if not shocked that I was able to accomplish that goal without any trouble.During the first three days ,it was very difficult to resist the craving for food but I made it by diverting my mind to religious books and
by praying to god.My health was up to par all the time and I never felt weak.
My intention here is to discuss the importance of fasting and also to inform people who are interested in shedding off some fat off their body that fasting is one of the methods that can come in handy when one is attempting
to slim down the waistline.
People tend to place a lot of emphasize on exercise when it comes to getting rid of those extra pounds on your body but it’s worth it to try a different approach and see the results.I believe it is comparatively easy and
obviously cost effective as you’ll save on not only food but also fitness center memberships or a personal trainer or a coach.
It is not that hard to control the hunger and shun the desire to have food specially the ones that are not at all good for your health ,but people devour those foods because are good on tongue and they can’t resist.
I must admit from personal experiences that once you go hungry for a certain number of hours then it becomes easier to stay on fast for a few more hours .
A few cookies,couple of slices of pizza,a can of soda,a cup of juice,some chips,french fires,a burger and you have thousands of calories and a few grams of sugar in your system that you need to get rid of by doing some
serious sweat dripping hard work at the gym .
Some useful and effective strategies to control the craving for food:

1. Drink warm water ,preferably as warm as you can tolerate.Drinking warmer water feels heavier on stomach than cold water so that sends a signal to your brain that your stomach is not empty.

2. Don’t keep packages of chips,crackers,cookies,candies within your sight.

3. Stay away from people who are eating as their chewing sounds coming out of their mouth will remind you of food .

4. Close your eyes and try to hold your breath for as long as you can.Take a note of your best score and keep trying to break your best record.

5. Do some yoga lessons which will control your hunger .Bahya pranayama and Agnisar kriya have helped me tremendously to control my craving for food .When I perform these two yoga lessons seriously for 10 minutes each without a   break  I don’t feel hungry for next 12 to 15 hours.These two lessons also offer many other benefits including stability in blood sugar content for diabetics,relief to patients of hernia and is a remedy for various stomach ailments,constipation ,gas and they are a great stress reliever. Here’s a guide on how to perform those two lessons  

A philosophical example for this article would be making a kitchen table or a floor dirty by spilling a can of soda and then having to clean it.I say, why not be careful and not spill the soda in the first place and save yourself some time ,money and energy.In this example you will use some paper towels or a mop ,work for a few minutes to get back to where you were before you spilled a drink and in the weight loss example you consume some calories and then work hard in the gym to get back to where you were before you ate all that.Of course we need to eat to survive but binge eating ,over eating and eating junk food is not at all necessary to survive.It’s like you’re creating a problem that never existed and then wasting away all your resources trying to solve the problem.


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