When pain gives pleasure.

My encounter with a sadistic mistress.

I entered the two storey mansion around noon time.A lady who looked like in her early 50s ,probably an appointment setter ,welcomed me into the grand mansion.She said in a firm voice I believe you are here to see Sandra.

I nodded and then said in an almost whispering tone yes.. She smiled slyly ,bowed and moved her left hand in a gesture to invite me in and said Come on in.
I entered and saw a desk on top of which I saw a phone and a paper notebook with pen.On the walls I saw a well-known picture of a woman showing off her muscle in a blue shirt which would normally say we can do it.But in this
picture it said Men do what women say” .The phone attendant led me to a small cabin located behind the curtains and said in an authoritative tone Wait for your mistress,here. The size of this cabin would be approximately
5’x4′ which had a small leather bench in it on which I sat.I saw a small shelf on my left which was filled with books about BDSM,Femdom,Men slaves and the like topics on a small shelf.I picked up a book titled How to please
a mistress..The cover page had a picture of a man kneeling down on his knee looking up at the amazon mistress saying please,forgive me Mistress. and as a response the mistress is saying you don’t deserve it.
I had buried my head in that book and had read some amazing advice on how to please a mistress and also some painful punishments some slaves had received from upset mistresses.I was on about 7th page and a I heard a sound of boots stomping on the hard floor which getting louder and clearer .

I heard the curtain open slowly.I looked away from the book and down on the floor. I saw black leather boots and slowly looked up to see a black all leather dress with slits around the waist area revealing a pale skin of a mistress.Her high heels made a noise that captured my imagination and made me even more nervous.Around 5’11” tall mistress ,a small exposure of cleavage that teased me as she tilted her head while talking to me and every time she bent a little to fix her dress.I looked at the face and the lady I was there to see was standing there with a one sided smile who said with her one hand
on her hips  I am Sandra.I got up from the leather bench and stuck out my hand to offer a handshake and introduced myself.She didn’t shake my hand and said Hmm.Ok. ,are you prepared?

I looked down as if ashamed and nodded my head.She snatched a book from my hands put it on the shelf which left me a little scared at realizing her stern personality.Then she grabbed my pinky finger on my right hand and led me to the stairs that led to a dungeon.As I am following her on the stairs I see her waist length dark black hair falling behind her leather dress.She stopped at a step on turned her head in my direction to look at me and I suddenly stopped.Then she looked in front again and said pointing her hand to the door on the right Please wash your hands and feet here.. then she proceeded to say it is a normal procedure here for everyone.
As I am washing my feet I hear the sound of high heels stomping on the hard wooden floor making me aware that I must finish what I am doing now.My heart raced,beating even faster now,I could feel the noise of her heels as she was standing right by the door when I came out of the wash room.She proceeded to lead me to the dungeon which was opposite the washroom.
In this room I see a wooden table with a flat piece of wood on top with a hole at 3/4 of one end.On the walls I see handcuffs hanging,wooden engraved paddles which said slave,yours forever,mistress’ little boy etc.
I saw rubber dildos,sticks that resembled batons,a music player,a devic to electrocute called prodder,two hooks on the wall about 7 feet off the ground 3 feet apart and a very high bed with raised head rest.
She could clearly see that I was nervous and felt uneasy looking at the room and the toys in it.My lips felt very dry ,I rolled my tongue on the lips and a drop of a sweat rolled down from my forehead and onto the cheek.
She smiled slyly and said wait here,I will get some water for you .She went down the stairs and brought a jug full to the brim with water along with a cup and said authoritatively you are going to need this a lot. and gently placed it on a teapoy.This made me feel good but I knew it was the last time she would made me feel good.I quickly rushed to toward the teapoy ,filled up a cup with water and gushed it down quickly with short multiple gulps.I filed up another cup and started gulping it down and she saw my adam’s apple move hastily in and out .As I was gulping it down she placed her index and middle finger on my adam’s apple and felt it.She squeezed it gently and said sarcastically Are you still thirsty?I put down the cup and said not anymore,thank you Mistress.She grabbed my pant from the front and yanked me toward her ,nose her nose is almost touching mine.I could sniff the leather dress she was wearing,smell of it made me alert and reminded me that I was standing in front someone in a very high authority.She grabbed my hair from the back of the head ,pulled it behind authoritatively and murmured “Ready to serve your mistress?”


I said politely “yes”,she yanked my hair even harder ,now I could only see the ceiling.She pulled my hair again with a sharp tug and said call me Mistress. My heart started pumping harder with fear.I said OK Mistress.She said that’s better.






To be continued next week……


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