You danced at the club,thanks.

You were dancing with your friends,smiling ,chatting;A sweet carefree fun.Every single guy was trying desperately to talk to you. You had a class , I saw it in your eyes ,personality ,clothing ,smile ,attitude .Everyone way below your level made an attempt even though they knew their efforts would prove to be futile.Why? because they had a wishful thinking , they did something irrational .You stood there and danced,with an attractive and revealing dress ,every one watched including me .It was a pleasure.You moved gracefully and beholders’ were stunned and amazed. My lips felt dry ,I stuck out and rolled my tongue on them slowly in an attempt to quench their thirst .It didn’t work as you kept moving and shaking gracefully ,in a luscious manner.

Some girls became your enemy,you may not be aware of it .I saw a guy being slapped tightly by a girl he was dancing with as she caught him gazing at you intently for a long time.But you are not at fault for that .I saw a guy way below your class,standard and level approach you from behind ,for a couple of minutes he stood there,couldn’t nudge you and say a word .I know he was trying to gather courage to utter a word hello.It took him a while but eventually he did and tapped on your shoulder to get your attention .The first time he tapped ,you didn’t notice ,may be you did notice but you ignored him as you perceived him to be not enough confident.He tapped again,this time he leaned toward your neck and said hi,of course I couldn’t hear it but I was able to read his and your lips .This time also the poor guy failed .The third time as you happen to move around while dancing ,his eyes suddenly lit up and eyeballs became big.Poor guy probably thought that you turned around to speak with him and acknowledge him thus he became overly excited ,forgive him as he is innocent and his wishful thinking has taken over his logical thinking .He said hi to you , stuck out his hand to offer a handshake,you accepted his handshake .It was a firm handshake from his side,but a loose one from your side.I know why,I am sure he knew it too.It was a significant gap in personalities not because you were inconfident or shy.He asked you something which was inaudible to me and couldn’t read the lips but I know that as a response you said No,thank you “and you tilted your head sideways while saying that.It’s a sign of condolence ,I also liked how you said Thank you “with your tongue touching your upper lip and with a little smile.I could see the mockful smile in your eyes and how you made fun of him with just your expressions ,I am sure the poor guy thought you really were flattered by his asking you and you had a logical explanation for why you couldn’t accept his request.But I know that he was refused because he had no chance whatsoever to be accepted by you,it wasn’t his fault ,it was his level and class that were to be blamed.

I like how sophisticated people like you are always too nice ,what happens is low-class people stay delusional because of your niceness and they stay under the impression that they will succeed in future provided a girl doesn’t have any reason to deny that.I saw another guy failing after few minutes, may be he didn’t notice the first guy failing and what he went through.I didn’t try because I hate failing and I am happy for not having tried,at least I saved my respect .It is very humiliating to me when I get rejected.

I watched you even more as the night passed by.Now it was around 1 in the morning.You probably felt too warm after dancing for so long.You specifically felt warmer compared to others ,may be it was because there were so many people around you only.I saw you fanning your hand toward your neck and you looked up at the ceiling and blew as a relief.You took off the sweater you had on and tightly wrapped it around your waist ,I could see the knot you made in front.It moved up and down as you danced which reminded me of tea packet that steeps in hot water in a cup when trying to make a hot tea.With that sweater around your waist you looked even more graceful and amazing.

Everything felt intoxicating , more energetic and entertaining.DJ is not at fault ,nor are bartenders at fault .Neither of them caused the environment to get so intoxicating.Your moves did it,your taking off sweater and revealing more of your beauty did,your laughter did.Bartenders wouldn’t suddenly start making stronger drinks,DJ wouldn’t all of a sudden start playing wicked and  make his tunes intoxicating.But you’re not to be blamed again.

I saw you climbing the stairs on your way out of the club.I was amazed at the beauty ,grace,attitude,personality you carried.Do you know after you left everything looked and felt so pale and flavorless.It felt depressing for a moment.After you left within 10 minutes the whole club suddenly got empty.I am not shocked by that,it’s obvious why.

I have been to that same club twice on the same night when you attended, hoping to find you dancing there gracefully again.Then I remembered what I was taught by my dad when I was young. People with class and sophistication don’t appear so easily and readily everywhere ,they show up rarely.Out of my wishful thinking I went there twice only to fail to find you,but that’s fine at least I was wise enough to not have approached you when I was lucky enough to see you dancing.I didn’t get rejected ,at least I did one thing correct.I hope you are happy wherever you may be ,hope you are safe from and in the clear distance from the people out of your league.

I hope you had a good time;I did.Thank you and I will remember that night and I certainly enjoyed watching you steal the show.

Take care.


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