Angry person is delusional

Anger must be resolved by patience .
Boiling blood is not at all recommended for good health.

In my religious the Bhagwad Gita book it is stated that anger takes away wisdom from a person.
Staying calm during stressful situations is quite important. Angry person can only make unwise decisions and take actions that will bring him down.
Wisdom is attained through calmness and patience. Anger creates an illusion in the angry person’s mind that people are unjust to him and he is being mistreated.
He feels as though he’s been victimized. A short tempered person knows not his thoughts are vile and he is delusional. He loses the sense of logic and reasoning. There’s a cloud of misleading thoughts over his head and he is being misled.
There’s a tendency that an angry person blindly believes that he is correct and has the correct understanding about the subject matter.


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