Taqueria La Tita at Concord

Here I enter the store;by looking at the other patrons I was able to pretty much tell what my experience was going to be like .I approached the counter and the girl cashier was facing her back
to me chopping tomatoes so probably didn’t notice me .I waited for about 40 seconds and Another lady employee who was cooking something in the other corner about 12 feet far from this cashier said “You ready”?
I said “Yes”.
Then that lady turned to this cashier and looked for about two seconds and then this cashier turned around without a smile and said “I take your order”
I placed an order of chicken burrito and asked her the price difference between two different sizes of drinks she told me the prices then I asked her if refill was free for I was going to eat in and wouldn’t make sense to buy a bigger cup.She said yes refill is free.
Now as I sat at the table waiting for my food ,as I look around I notice food crumbs and scraps on all the empty tables.After about two minutes she said looking at me your food is ready.I saw her
putting tortilla chips (about 10 pieces) on my plate with her bare hands.
I got my food ,Size of the plate ,it could barely even fit my burrito,she could’ve rather kept the plate to herself.I started eating my food.
In my tiny plate which at first I thought was napkin the chicken pieces were black and smelled burnt and hard to chew .About 4 minutes went by I needed to refill my small cup of soda so
I got up to refill my soda ,the cashier looks at me and rolls down her eyes as if I wasn’t allowed to get a refill.She had told me explicitly that refill is free and I also saw other customer
getting a refill but he didn’t get a stare down from her probably because he was also their relative or a friend .

as I sat down after refilling I am sure as hell she told her colleague something about me in their lingo because I caught her staring at me while jabbering.
No salsa or any other dip to dip tortilla chips into.I ate two and threw away the rest.
I felt the environment around me to be hostile.

You will not see any classy/sophisticated patrons here.Only those who think and believe that more food is better for your money,meaning people of that sort only visit this place.
There is little to no quality in their food.

Customer service 1 out of 10.(For making me wait to take my order,rolling eyes at me when I refilled my soda cup etc.)
food taste\quality 3 out of 10.
No napkins provided.
Just tortilla chips ? no dip?
Plate in which I got my food was extremely small about half an inch of my burrito on either side was dangling off the plate.
Here’s the rating I would like to assign specially in the customer service category.
The cashier charged me 1.65 for small cup of a drink.
The only five star review on this site leads me to believe that she is either employee or a good friend of an employee at that store.
I hate that it is located inside the mall bringing down the value of mall.I like sunvalley mall it has many classy stores ,I would hate if
someone judged mall by visiting this store cause that would be insulting to many other stores.


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