Reality of Reality T.V. shows

I watched this show called Undercover Boss on CBS where the executive of a certain company goes undercover as an applicant trying to get a job at one of the stores operated and run by the company .The goal is to investigate the handling of the business and to learn how employees doing their part .They tell employees that camera crew is filming because they are competing for a T.V. show where applicants try to get a job and the winner meaning whoever performs the best gets to keep the job.
I watched this episode where the female executive of boston market goes undercover at one of their stores and runs into an extremely rude employee while being trained by him.I believe that guy was a manager at that location.
I feel that any wise person wouldn’t say such foolish things in the first place.I agree that he didn’t know that he was actually standing next to the executive of the company but at least he knew that it was a T.V. show which would later be viewed by millions of people.
Second of all a person like this guy can never possibly get to the management’s position with attitude and nature like this.I am sure that he had to start somewhere low and managed to make his way to the manager’s position.
During that process one can only imagine how many times he was tested by people supervising his attitude and performance.
I am feeling that particular episode about the guy calling customer names and complaining about customers was fake.I would be so careful when saying this type of things that could make me lose the job.I wouldn’t even say a word that is demeaning about customers.I would be careful as the employee that is listening to me could complain about me to the upper management and I could get fired on the spot.In this case the employee also knows that cameras are rolling ande ever word he is uttering is being recorded .That episode I believe is fake.


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