Old Spaghetti Factory

Picture was snapped at Old Spaghetti Factory.Shrimp Briscoti is what you’re beholding in the delicious picture down there.

I squeezed a lemon gently and let a few drops roll from one end of a piece of briscoti to another end and uuuuuuuuhhhhhhh…. boy it was delicious right there.




Ok.Now ,what you see here in this picture is a soup which is named minestrone soup.It was okay but I finished it.



Ok now what you don’t see in the next picture that is not there is what I ate and then realized that I forgot to take a picture of .But it was delicious ,it was a chicken breast with some spaghetti name of the dish was Chicken Parmigiana.

Now what you don’t see in the next picture which is also missing is a chocolate mousse cake with a vanilla scoop on top.

That was a nice dessert.

I was so delighted ,I gave waitress 30% tip,normally I give about 25%.

Do you guys want to see the menu?Ok, here it comes.










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