Are humans racist or classist?

I must agree that physical attractiveness is something I respect and adore. There have been numerous occasions when my decision has been significantaly affected because of attractiveness of the person. Brain works differently for everyone. I believe that according to the core principles of human psychology ,our behavior is largely determined by the environment around us. Our actions, thoughts, roles,our involvement in the activities at social gatherings, ability to work effectively and produce results at workplace are greatly swayed by our surroundings especially by other humans.
I wish and prefer to be around people who smell fresh and clean, look physically attractive,look decent and sophisticated, are polite, have fresh and clean breath etc.
Why do I prefer all these and more? People around you define for other people and help other people judge ;who you are, how much you are worth, what type of person you might be ,your character.Our perception about other individuals is largely shaped with the use of these factors .
In the past I personally have been to the train, bus and as I entered into it, I have chosen to sit next to a person who would please my eyes. I will only talk to the people who have a fresh breath as I can’t stand bad breath or a smelly breath. If someone with bad breath talked to me or came too close and yawned or coughed around me then I would definitely rush to the nearest bathroom. I would have to brush my teeth and scrape my tongue as I can’t live for a minute with that person’s bad breath in my mouth and memory .I will only talk to those who look decent, smell clean and of course having those two qualities doesn’t waive the requirements for a fresh breath.
If I enter a train and see a white person who doesn’t have nice and clean clothes on, doesn’t have trimmed hair ;about this person’s breath obviously I can’t say anything by just looking at the person , but I would assume that this individual is not of the class or category who can possibly have a clean or fresh breath .I will definitely not sit close to this person, let alone talk to this person. Now in the same train if I see a black person who looks clean and has nice clothes on I would definitely choose to sit close to this person if not right next to this person and I would assume in my foresight that this person could have a fresh breath, something that would not require me to run to bathroom with a toothbrush and a tongue scraper. By engaging in a conversation with this sort of individual I may also probably learn something that could benefit me in the long run .
Any person would only choose to do something that will make their image sharp and strong and no sane or a wise person would do something to damage their own image in the society.we like being surrounded by classy people.
So are we racist or classist?


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