Fast will be broken when total of 30 subscribers reached

I will die of starvation if I don’t reach the goal of 30 subscribers.There’s no deadline but
one can only imagine how long a person can go without food.I am stubborn when it comes to
setting a goal and accomplishing it.If it is difficult to believe then I must convince you
that I won’t eat ,I have been on long fasts in the past sometimes I go 8 days iwithout any
type of food.
But I must agree that instead of telling everyone about my goal,it would be easier to post
interesting posts and that way people would be attracted toward my blog and subscribe.
But I just thought I should atleast inform everyone about my goal and how stringent I am when
it comes to achieving it.Also I feel stronger about the goal when I tell everyone because that
way I feel the sense of commitment and dedication.This way I know that there are people who I
have to please by meeting the goal.I currently have 26 subscribers and need 4 more.
God knows how tough it will be but I enjoy challenges ,they urge and motivate me to push those
limits and break the previous records.
I like to amaze everyone with my capabilities.Humans have unlimited and untapped potential,we
just need to have belief and faith and at the same time our goals and expectations have to be
realistic ;we must agree that we can’t fly in the air without airplanes,we can’t run at the
speed of light,we can’t levitate in the air when in atmosphere etc.So all in all we must
realize ,follow and understand the laws of science and physics at the same time.No miracles
will happen but something realistic that could be considered a nice achievement can totally
happen if we commit to it.


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