Do you prefer to use a card or cash?

With cash when you carry it with you everywhere ,you also carry a risk of losing partial amount or all of it  ,getting robbed , getting a counterfeit bill as a change,temptation to buy something with the change that you have accumulated over time (you buy  something just for the sake of getting rid of the change ,you don’t necessarily desire that item that you’re purchasing), you don’t know how much you spent and where as there’s no way to keep a track of it (unless you keep a notepad and a pen and write down every transaction which would be very impractical and unrealistic),if you tear the bill in your pocket or while holding it by mistake then you have to stick the two pieces together.

If you’re not paying attention or are one of those who only counts the bills and not the coins when getting the change back you may get short changed at some business .

By using a card you will build good credit ,with cash no one knows about your spending habits and thus no bank would have an idea of what type of person you are when it comes to handling money.

Thinner wallet,no clutter in your wallet.

If you drop or lose cash ,it’s all gone unlike with cards you can order a new card and lose no value.Even if someone gets a hold of your card and uses it without your consent you’re safe as with Credit card almost all companies these days offer complete fraud protection.

Card has Less or no germs unlike cash which exchanges hands of many people.


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