Thanks for waiting at the library ……..for someone else .

You stood there at the college campus on frigid and windy day probably waiting for your friends . Windy weather tousled your hair , look at the nature’s guts . How dare nature’s beauty mess with your glorious beauty like that , I know you must have forgiven the nature.


While trying to comb your tousled hair, you dropped one of the books you were holding. I almost got off the bench and ran towards you to be of assistance but then I lost courage and I sat back on the bench.
I saw you looking towards my direction, that made me so nervous my lips became dry all of a sudden.
But I kept my cool, I have a habit of eventually becoming too brave after being nervous first. I think I am thankful to GOD for that .
Library is an old building that never fails to plant fresh memories in my heart whenever I am there.Facade of this building has always interested me and I find it to be very romantic with its pale brown colored walls, corridor that is so close to the snacks and soda vending machine that there are always those moments when a person walking in or out meets with a smile of the person trying to dispenser something from vending machine .

I have always pictured myself by that pillar walking out of the library with books in my hands and colliding with a pretty girl who was trying to enter the library with a stack of books in her hands. Her books falling on the ground along with mine and we both kneel down to sort out and hand each other their books and apologize politely in a whispering voice with a shy smile followed by a cute embarrasment . I have seen it in Bollywood movies where the guy and a girl always fall in love after that but hasn’t happened yet in my life. Whenever I behold you by library building, I sense that time has come but I become upset as it doesn’t become true.

You were leaning against the pillar of the library building.You periodically looked at your wrist watch to check time and then looked up at the sky and shook your head. I don’t know what you were getting late for, but I wasn’t getting late to anywhere. I liked how your silky hair laid on your shoulders and reflected the light that shone from the window of second storey of library. I could see glamour in your hair. I enjoyed how you maintained your class by ignoring almost every guy who smiled at you walking by. I am sure you didn’t acknowledge and didn’t smile at most of them because you thought that if you did smile then they would try to start a conversation and then ask for your number. I can only imagine how tired and fed up you must be of that.
You lifted your right leg, bent it and rested the sole of your shoe against the pillar, this position revealed your thigh, was that to tease me or did you do it because it felt relieving to your feet?

At one point you almost caught me taking glimpses of you ,I quickly looked down and buried my head in a book and started blushing.Thanks to the overcast weather and a physical distance between us that you couldn’t see my tomato-red face.

I was upset and sad when you found the person you were waiting for and then you left with that person.




You filled my heart with different two diametrically opposite emotions starting with joy and ending it with sorrow,I always prefer the other way around.But that’s fine ,it was your decision .






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