Attractive people have advantage over others.

I like attractive people, they make me feel alive. When they’re around, the environment feels very lively and jovial .
They spread positive energy and vibe . They fill me up with energy and I get zeal inside of me.
Sometimes I wonder if it’s just me or everyone enjoys beautiful people’s company.
I also wonder if I like beautiful people or classy people, because in the past I have noticed that my friends thought that some people were attractive according my friends’ perception but I didn’t find those same people attractive. I love to be friends with them  it’s a privilege and a pleasure .
Now, obviously just being physically attractive does NOT eradicate other requirements like fresh breath, nice and clean smell, clean teeth, dandruffless hair, clean clothes etc.
I will fulfill their needs and demands to be their friend. Don’t we all love things that please our eyes ,evidently I have seen good looking people being given more honor and attention than the people who are, let’s just use the word  unattractive .


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