I smiled but you didn’t acknowledge.

I was at the mall, your presence made my stay at the mall longer. Your presence lightened up the mall. You were dealing with a store manager, he made a remark that put a smile on your face followed by the  motion  of your hand through your hair. The store manager smiled and took a half step back maybe out of nervousness because of how pretty you are. Your beauty made him anxious and it made me wonder what types of guys you would consider qualified to see .
Your long hair shining bright and reflecting a light on my face, the intoxicating smell of your body perfume ,your walking gait, your confident personality made me realize that wonderful things happen in this world.
You walked out of the store with a bag in each hand, your hands were aching, your fingers had become red.  I only wish I could carry those bags for you ,but you know I could have only wished. The bottom of those bags would hit your knee as you were walking and would spin making a knot around your fingers making it more inconvenient and painful to carry them. I could notice the frustration in your eyes.
I wanted to shake your hand look deep into your eyes and have a conversation as you smile.
Next time I will have the strength to approach you and ask if you would enjoy a cup of coffee with me.


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