Thaali combo with two curries,rice,a plate of bhel and rotis.

In a bowl you see a daal made of lentils.You dip a roti in it and stuff in your mouth.What you see next to it is apparently a bowl of custard.


This is bhel ,made of yogurt,sweet chutney,sev,puri,mamra and some more things that I don’t know the names of but are there.


This is daal mixed with rice,sarso da saag in green,cauliflower on side with white onions.


The yellow subji is potato curry simply called bataka nu shaak in gujarati with roti and other things explained earlier.What you see in a little box in a thali with two spoons is boondi raita.

imageAll in all ,I enjoyed the food as I felt that this could fill the void when I miss some delicacies made by mother.They also have complimentary tea and buttermilk.Bhel needed to be made more delicious according to my taste ,so there was a need to add a daub of sweet chutney which was done.I believe this thaali cost us $7.50.

On the menu I saw dessert spelled as desert,at the tea and buttermilk counter/station I saw a sign where cashier was spelled as chashier ,but I didn’t tell them about any of these.I though it would offend them and instead of thanking me and correcting the grammatical error they would say something rude to me like “Are you here to dine or conduct grammar classes?”


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