How to speak confidently in public.

A mistake that most of the people make while speaking in front of sea of people is, they misinterpret neutral facial expressions of people as they look at them. When this happens a nice move would be to think of the things you like and enjoy,things that set you free and put a smile on your face . Such as mountains,your little kid,’s face with a smile on it, nice streets and buildings, your life partner,the first time you met your loved one etc.

There are numerous ways one can get rid of nervousness . You can tell a joke or two in the middle of a speech and when your audience laughs with you,it will make you more comfortable and confident as you will feel that they are nice and they are with you when you have something qualitative . Because there’s a tendency that individuals at the center of attention start believing that the listeners are there to berate the speaker and make fun of the performer.

I must declare here that I get angry in my life because I haven’t achieved anything that I have desired in my life. I have an illusion that I have failed to achieve things because other people have become hurdles in my way and have prevented me from reaching my goal.

You must concentrate on the topic that you’re there to talk about than on people and what they might think if you don’t perform well.

You must keep talking ,stopping will only create awkward moments and you will feel more that you’re failing . If you pause longer it will become difficult for you to resume speaking. Perception is reality,meaning if you once feel that you’re failing eventually you will fail.

Control your hand gestures and movements,emotions,heart beats,don’t look down.

One really wise move and a strategy to not get stuck while speaking is to write down what you plan to speak ahead of time. Don’t just jot down the main points but write the whole transcript of your speech.

This way you will have the sentences built in your memory and when you are on stage you are not as likely to get a moment when you don’t know what to do next.

Language is something that requires constant focus and attention to master it . Whether English is your first or second language lack of experience and thus resulting in a lack of confidence will make you nervous and leave you with shaky voice.

Tell yourself that you’re in a room with your close friends , not actually on a stage.

Tell yourself that this is not the first time that you’re experiencing public speaking,you’ve done at least 10 times in the past in front of even larger crowds and nailed it.


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