Can we ask differently?

Do you believe in god? How do you envision the world in 100 years,what advice would you offer for betterment of society leading up to that time ? Do you believe in logic and science?What do you think relieves humans from pain and misery?What do you suggest to resolve world’s most pressing issues?What ought to […]

Testing my oratory skills

Here I attempt to define three terms that could challenge my command over English language. Plagiarism – noun. An unethical and illegal act of using someone’s copyrighted work without their explicit consent.Using other’s work without citing the source and thus receiving credit for one’s own gain ,be it financial or not. Tendril –  noun. A […]

Harm none and keep peace

Laws will protect you ,scare you ,make you,break you,threaten you,intimidate you,help you get justice,obstruct you from getting justice. The justice system has policies that must be followed.A man will fear the laws and take each step cautiously and nervously.A person who is victim of injustice will be afraid of getting justice by taking matter into […]