Deedee’s Indian restaurant in San Jose

What you see here is a typical thaali served at Indian restaurants.It’s a buffet system and the word thaali simply means a dish.

What you see in a small bowl with a spoon in it is raita ,it is a mixture of plain yogurt with boondi and ofcourse some spices. What you on the right of it from our perspective/view is shrikhand,it’s a sweet with cashews ,almonds ,custard and some cream and other things.On the right of shrikhand what you see in a small section is undhiyu(I am sure many would argue with me because of the way I spelled it).This undhiyu is basically an item served during makarsankranti (kite flying festival) specially in Gujarat.Undhiyu is made of potatoes,brinjal,beets,greens and many other things.Undhiyu is a mix of many vegetables and it doesn’t have a universal recipe so it could vary from region to region and from person to person.Some could prepare undhiyu with as little as about 7 items and some could make it with as many as 20 items.The two round things you see in a greenish color are called parathas.What you see on top is a roti in pieces.What you see next a pair of parathas is an achaar in orange and reddish color.Achaar is a pickle made with mango,chillies,some salt and other things that I can’t name.In the next small section what you see with a little piece of roti on top of that is a sabji of aloo mutter in yellow color.It is a sabji made potatoes,green peas,paneer’s closest term that comes to my mind is toffu and made with some spices and gravy.

20150331_141856 20150331_141907 20150331_141914 20150331_141920 20150331_141924

What you see here in a bowl in a yellow color is called daal ,precisely moong daal made with yellow peas.


What you see here next to a bowl of moong daal is called kadhi,which should be in a bowl but I had become too careless by that time so just put the kadhi like that in a dish.Well,actually I just wanted to taste it not really have it,that’s why you don’t see it in a bowl.What you see on the right of clockwise one lonely bay leaf is Pulao,I believe the English name is Pilaf.It is a rice with green beans,tomatoes,turmeric,carrots and some other things.I also had Gulab Jamun whose pictures I forgot to take.


I have to say that food was delicious and felt like it was made by my mother and I was at my house.But that restaurant is a little too small and it felt like I was at some friend’s apartment not at a restaurant.


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