Deep Kofta Curry and Rice

I got this packet from an India grocery store for $2.99 .I have a feeling it is available at a nicer price at other stores.

By the way rice didn’t come with this packet ,I had bought it separately.

20150404_143800 20150404_143822

Here’s nutrition information available for those concerned.

20150404_143829 20150404_144946 20150404_144949 20150404_144953

Koftas were soft and tasty,but a little spicy as they had green chillies in the middle whose picture I forgot to take.But I could

see some chillies when I broke it in half.

20150404_145706 20150404_145710 20150404_145714 20150404_145824 20150404_145831 20150404_150223 20150404_150232

I believe that Indian food tastes even more tasty and delicious if you use fingers rather than silverware.When I am at home I tend to use fingers but outside I have to use utensils as I feel that people would stare at me if I used fingers .



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