Samosa Mirch Bhajia with sweet ans spicy chutney from Rangolee sweets

Samosas were of two different types,one of them had only aloo in them the other kind had aloo,muatar(green peas) and some other spices that I can’t name.The one with all the spices turned out to be very spicy and I had to pour a lot of sweet chutney on it.It trailed from the top and went down and dripped from the bottom.If you find any gramatical error in my writings ,please let me know.I will be so happy if you do that.

Ok now back to samosas the only aloo kind was not so spicy but at the same it tasted pale and dull.

20150405_154558 20150405_154637 20150405_154652 20150405_154705 20150405_154724 20150405_154741 20150405_154749 20150405_155051 20150405_155428

Egg puff was just ok.It tasted flavor less as if it was a breaded egg and nothing else.To make it interesting I had to pour spicy green chutney over it,then it tasted a little more lively and interesting.

20150405_155436 20150405_155515


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