Life and its challenges

Life will prove that it will not be easy. The challenges ,difficulties,struggles,hardships,failures will take their toll and bring you to your knees. The key is to learn persistently from lessons. One may feel the urge to quit at some point but a wise person knows that patience is the only medicine.No road taken is going to be so easy that you will achieve all you desire within your comfort zone.You will be forced and required to take up the tasks you wouldn’t want to otherwise.A journey begins with a smile and ends with a smile ,everything in between anything but a smile.

As you embark on this journey ,you will meet with some merciless,fierce,brutal and difficult jobs and you must accept it and face it.No one has gained anything easily and one who has , didn’t enjoy the fruits.
A mountain has trees,dust,plants,rain,snow,heavy wind,earth quake and what not.It is tall and strong because it has experienced it all and has now become strong.A person will learn from hard times, in good times no one really learns.A ship sails smoothly in a quiet sea ,and it shakes and trembles in turbulent waters.

A smooth can never produce a skillful mariner.


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