I saw you at Fry’s Electronics

I saw you and your girl friend at Fry’s Electronics store.It was an evening time,I could see sun rays of the dusk through the entrance door of the store.I happened to look behind at the same moment you and your friend happened to walk by right at that time.I paused while you walked past me and then I turned around to look in the front.

You looked at me hoping to see me smile but I didn’t,it wasn’t because I didn’t want to smile at you but it was because I didn’t want to fail.Failure makes depressed and keeps me down and low on spirit.

I thought if I smiled at you and you ignored ,didn’t smile back at me then it would hurt me.I didn’t want to become any more depressed.

I tried to look for you by turning around looking behind me every few moments to no avail.

Again while I was walking away from check-stand after paying for my electronics ,I saw you and your friend.At that you saw me ,I saw you and you looked down and then up and away from me.

You decided to not go through the barricade that they have set-up for forming lines ,you went straight to the cashier.

I left the store and didn’t turn after I saw you last time at the check stand.

You are pretty ,you know it.I know it too.You are thick but confident.I wonder where our next encounter may await,be it the same place or elsewhere I will be pleased on that day.


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