Swaad Indian cuisine San Jose

When we arrived there was only one table occupied with a white man on it,I don’t know why mentioning his race was important but I thought it would help.

Naan here was bigger than most other restaurants but was not very soft.What you see in a red color is Murgh (chicken)karahi .


Chicken karahi was not at all delicious.The chicken pieces were soft but could have been softer and more tender.Talking about the taste of gravy ,well I would rate it 3 out of 10.


They did decent of a job with paneer sabji.I liked it .

20150406_142126 20150406_142132

Here is a daal fry with rice also called pilaf.I think the word pilaf comes from the Indian word Pulao.It is a rice with tumeric,green peas,carrots, methi and some other things.

20150406_143948 20150406_143953

Daal fry wasn’t as bad as it looked.


You see how the bottles of salt and pepper magically appeared out of thin air? It is because I performed a

magic trick,by asking the employee to bring some for me.I didn’t see one table with bottles up on them,I guess you have to order them.



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