I still remember you

This is an example of my ADHD condition how desperate I get to get my post liked by people. I posted it even before completing it. I couldn’t wait till I could complete the story. By the way it’s fictional.

We haven’t met before but I have a feeling I know you.When I saw you, I felt the moment of dejavu.I looked at you and felt the presence of acquaintance in your deep eyes.I wished you maintained our eye contact longer but I won’t complain as it was your choice.You looked at me first time and you made an effort to smile but then didn’t care and you looked down to ignore me and kept walking.I was looking at you even after you broke the eye contact, desperately hoping that you would look back up before we walked past each other.An elderly gentleman in front of you suddenly stopped walking so you had to take a couple of steps sideways and now you were walking almost towards me.I had a high hope that now you would lift up your eyes and look at me.Our biceps touched and I felt the touch of your sleeve and could smell a perfume you had on.You said sorry in an almost whispering voice upon collision of our deltoids but you didn’t have to apologize to me.You didn’t look up and walked right past me.I must thank the gentleman in front of you who made you walk toward me.

I got back home around evening time that night and my heart led my mind to your memories.I struggled to keep you out of my mind and my muscles ached,you don’t realize how difficult it is to forget you.I went to the patio and sat under the shade and rested my legs on the chair .I laid down on the couch and had a drink and kept thinking about you.I wondered if you also felt the same vibe and aura that I felt around you.I wondered if you really didn’t want to look at me or
you were simply resisting the urge.Maybe you did want talk to me,but you didn’t want to be the one to initiate,you were waiting for me to approach you.I like my coffee with skimmed milk and a touch of cinnamon in it.On a tendril of the plant next to the gazebo I saw a snail slowly climbing down.It was windy around here and my hair was tousled because of wind .I saw dry leaves circling like a whirl because of the heavy wind.I didn’t use the rake to stash the leaves ,I enjoyed the sound until it started scaring me after a while.I thought the leaves were reckoning the rhythm of my life and the sensation was almost palpable.It felt darker than usual here and chilly breeze was hurting my bones.The sight and sound of the leaves circling around my feet felt mysterious in the beginning .
My itinerary

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