I can’t stay consistent toward my goal

I wonder why;is  it because I don’t realize the potential significance of the task or am I simply lazy and careless? Whatever the real reason is,it is costing me dearly.

I need to work toward my goal consistently and stay on top of it until goal has been accomplished.

Even though I know and realize that once the goal is achieved it can totally change my life for good.It will not only  give a boost to my career but also make my image brighter in the society.

I know deep inside that I have the potential to achieve the goal that I have taken up but I just don’t get the motivation consistently.I dislike when I see other thinking looking at me and thinking that I am unable to gain skills to required to accomplish the goal.

It could also be possible that I have a perception of myself as being very competent but in reality I am not as competent.I set small goals and to accomplish them to offer myself positive reinforcement.

In life we come across numerous instances where we feel that it is becoming harder and harder to  achieve something,but if we keep striving consistently then eventually we will see the light at the end of the tunnel.There’s a tendency that humans switch between different goals as they realize that one they have taken up is too difficult to accomplish.We strive to prove to others what we can achieve,but sometimes we fall short.We fail to achieve the goals by due date.

I have learned firsthand that to stay on top of a goal , it is better to use a strategy called inform others.With this strategy a person must notify others of his or her goal and due date.This way a person will feel pressed and encouraged to meet the expectation birthed from commitment made to others.He will be on forced to work hard toward goal to avoid embarrassment and possible mockery or a mild insult through sarcasm by people informed.Also he will feel guilty because he will think he is letting others down who were counting on him.I must agree that we humans have a fear of society and we are very cautious when surrounded by people specially strangers.To make sure our image is not damaged we abide by the rules of society Thus we tend to conform to the standards normally considered acceptable by society .To gain respect in society a person will commit to the goals and strive to accomplish them by deadline.

I will inform friends and strangers about my goals and by when I plan to accomplish them.


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