Me and my friend (another unfinished story)

My story is amazing.You will like it and you may find it relating to yours at some points.

Ankita was nine when she first met me ,I was eleven then.

Ankita was a stocky built girl with chubby cheeks and a dimple on just left side.

I was thin and tall the combination of me and her would be strange. I was so thin that I looked taller than my actually height.

Rachel had a chipped teeth on one side and a crucade on the other..

She had spectacles which she wore often but not all the time.

Life has been funny now as I look back it I realize this.

I saw her last week when I was at a target store shopping.Our eyes met ,she smiled at me and I waved.She stared at me for good 2 seconds as if giving me a signal that I should walk upto her and talk.

Windy day,rainy night,cloudy afternoon and chilly early morning was the weather for the day when She asked me out.

Mysterious thing is that she never told me about her plan.

For others , mysterious event was her disappearance.

No one knows about her whereabouts.

My memories have been serving me very well,people say this.

One night I was sitting by the window ,audible sound of howling wind ,a kid crying next door,wind chimes whistling,feng shui ‘s hypnotising sound made me fall asleep.

I started dreaming about Ankita , she didn’t meet me but she talked to me on the phone.

Her voice sounded depressed and grieving.I asked her but she dodged the question.I asked 17 times ,she dodged it 17 times.She knows I don’t even ask twice,I am the type who asks only once and stops.

Me asking 17 times must have made her realize I was reallly concerned and worried.But she still didn’t reply.

My hobbies and Ankita’s hobbies were always on the same page and aligned.We enjoyed the same flavor ice cream,same genre of music,same genre of movies,same food at the same place,same cookie.

There was one thing where we differed and our choices conflicted.I didn’t realize this until 7 years into our relationship,but she knew it from day one.She kept me in the dark,may be it’s not her fault.People close to me have said that I am not wise enough to understand the intentions of people and catch the hint.People have to explicitly and clearly tell me things so that I can understand .

She has a master in psychology from a top tier university.

I hold bachelors from a not so reputable university.

Loud personality and flamboyant lifestyle made her the target.

She has never liked alcohol,I still remember. Kite flies in the sky freely.

Ankita has one secret that no one knows about ,not even me.

She often told me I was the closest person to her,even closer than her younger brother and parents.

She liked painting flowers ,I liked painting mountains.

She said that humans have many senses,but they are not aware of it.

I could never tell how to interpret this correctly.

I would spend hours thinking what could she be hinting at?

Am I too dumb to catch this?I know people have told me about this,but I am not so dumb that my best friend tells me this several times and I still can’t catch the drift .I have been to movies,coffee shops , libraries ,parks ,temples and many other places with Ankita .

Her dad was her second best friend after me.There was one thing that made her dad lose the spot of being her first best friend and that made me win the first spot.

Night before her disappearance Ankita had left me a text message which I got to read on the day of her disappearance in the late evening.I was tired on the night before and on the night of I had a fever.

The message was long,which was very unusual for our text conversation .Whenever me and Ankita would exchange text messages ,an average message would be two words long.

She got angry whenever she saw me going out with friends.It was because she thought that I wouldn’t be safe with them,I would do something stupid and get my self in a legal trouble.

She would always discourage me from going out with my friends.I had to hide it from her,or I was in a trouble next day.She wasn’t controlling or possessive ,she just cared too much about me.She was excessively protective of me.

I will update it and try to finish it.


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