Harm none and keep peace

Laws will protect you ,scare you ,make you,break you,threaten you,intimidate you,help you get justice,obstruct you from getting justice.

The justice system has policies that must be followed.A man will fear the laws and take each step cautiously and nervously.A person who is victim of injustice will be afraid of getting justice by taking matter into the own hands. The delay in justice and traumatizing memory of past incidents boils the blood fueling agony and frustration in the victim’s mind.What relieves a soul from this phase of undying frustration is the resort to religious scriptures,devotional songs and chanting.They feel pain-relieving momentarily but eventually the thought of being a defenseless victim enters the tiring mind and reminds the soul that justice must be served.

God is great ,he keeps an eye and takes care of everything.


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