Why anger won’t help you in any way.

Your perception starts to distort and drives your brain farther away from reality.In this phase others will be perceived as wrongdoers one’s own self as the ultimate and only supreme being. This creates an illusion in the mind of a subject that everything performed by them only is correct.

The anger is not good for health as it will  cause you to boil your blood.Anger damages your brain and adversely affects your memory.It shortens the life your organs and ages your skin.You will appear jaded and grouchy.You will not have a charming and attractive personality and thus you will repel others . You will carry negative energy with you the moment you get angry and thus block off many potential opportunities to that could benefit you in life and career.You will lower the strength of your karma and destiny.Your body will look old and pale.Anger and wisdom are two entities with negative correlation. One’s existence will affect the other’s behavior.

Moreover the person you are angry at is not at all being hurt while you huff and puff in pain and agony.

It is best to you leave somethings up to God and focus on your work.God knows everything and will bring payback time to those who deserve it.A calm and composed mind is wise and knows that a fool only gives full vent to his anger.


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