Sometimes I wish………..

The door at my work office didn’t make such a loud sound when it shuts.It is so loud it almost sounds and looks like the person entering or exiting is angry and they slammed the door really hard to extract their anger on a wooden piece called the door.

I don’t get stuck in elevator with a stinky ,smelly person or someone who coughs and sneezes without covering their mouth.

The restaurants had salt and pepper bottles on tables so I don’t have to ask them for something that would be obviously required by patrons.

I never got stuck at the red lights while in a car.

I could copy more than just one things on my mouse clipboard.

When I order an Uber ride ,the driver happens to be a pretty woman.

People kept good distance while talking to me when they have morning-coffee or

french-fries breath.

When in public setting for good two minutes non one looked at me so I could pick my nose without fear of getting caught and feeling embarrassment.

While typing out something really long my work got saved automatically when computer restarts or power gets cut off because I have been working on that wordpad and don’t want to lose it all.

While listening to a song through ear buds my legs didn’t come in the way and causing the ear-buds to pop out of my ears.

My phone never fell on the floor facing screen.

My cooking pot never overflowed when I left in unattended on a stove.

I never sent a text message to wrong person.

I never closed any windows in computer by mistake.

When I have to use the restroom so bad ,the restroom isn’t already occupied by roommate.

I didn’t have to wait in line at grocery stores.

That weekends never ended.

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