Massive success is the greatest revenge

A wise man knows that wasting time by getting angry on someone is nothing but a waste of time.

No one is being hurt but yourself when you are angry .Drinking a poison and expecting the other person to die.The past is gone now and you can’t bring it back as time defeats everyone even the fastest runner.I want to declare here that going after revenge will only make you weaker and down.If you were wronged, and it’s too late now simply forget and forgive and let the God almighty be the judge.Don’t boil your blood re-thinking about the incidents over which you have little to no control.Medical science has more than enough evidence to convince one that anger makes one look older and also damages your health. Individuals of creepy nature can’t be taken action against without hardcore evidence which I agree is very sad.It is a wise idea to forget what happened with you and move on with your life. As simply fretting over past is going to ruin your future.

Pay attention to your goal and simply concentrate on something that can bring huge success to you and win you great respect in the society.Yoga can definitely help you restrain your mind and keep your attention on spirituality.

If you go to youtube and type baba ramdev you will find various videos describing you the numerous benefits of yoga.

God bless you modest and do what God loves and be happy.


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