I always refrain myself from getting in argument.

Because I always assume that it must be me who is at fault.When I am insulted I assume that it must be me who caused the trouble or friction and I am the one finding it very hard to get along with anyone.I am very scared of bringing down my level and getting an argument with someone low level.

I have fewer friends than most people,I translate that fact as me not being flexible,charming and a person with good understanding.But  I know in the back of my mind I am incorrect as I make that assumption for I really have been able to carry good and strong relationships with people that are decent and of mine and above standards.

The number of Facebook friends on my profile are in single digits ,by the way these friends are only the ones I have met in real life.Of course if I count the ones I have never met in real life then the number is higher.

But then I also feel and think that I am very different,apparently I have been told that by people near and dear to me,those who know me well.

There are various ways to resolve the issue.I must adhere to the standards defined as ethical in my vocabulary.

I only get along with people who are classy and sophisticated.People below the minimum required class standards can’t get along with me.


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