How do you know which career field is right for you.

I believe psychologists help you cure your mental illnesses,confusion and anything related to your mind and mental state.

The career counselors help you determine which area of study or work would be the best choice for you and you would be a great fit for that.

My argument/concern here is do these people really know everything about yourself ?

Your caliber,skillset,brain pattern,what you like,in which area you can become really good and make a good career.

Communication is a critical part when it comes to explaining the situation to someone who is in charge of curing your situation.

To define the term communication : An act of exchanging ideas ,thoughts and words to convey the message and express the opinion .

Are we really precise at carrying out communication?Are you able to express what is in your mind?A distorted message will bring about the distorted solution to the problem.The problem at hand is the indecisiveness one is going through and thus is lacking confidence.

Lifestyle website polled 100 mental health professionals and found that communication problems was cited as the most common factor that leads to divorce (65 percent), followed by couples’ inability to resolve conflict (43 percent).

A doctor is going to provide the patient a solution based on what the doctor was told as a problem .

Did the patient explain the situation effectively?There’s also another reason why a person this counseling area may not be able to offer the best cure ,and that is when a patient is shy and reluctant on revealing everything about his personal life.

(Ok I will continue this later,was planning to finish it in one seating but couldn’t .But still want to go ahead and publish.)


3 thoughts on “How do you know which career field is right for you.

  1. I agree. And a person is in counseling most likely has some problems with communication…. otherwise what would they need counseling for? Just a thought. Your post really hits a very valid point. I have searched and searched all my life to find my true calling / career. This makes sense to me.

    1. I have realized this first hand and seen how important it is to choose the right field. We are all unique, your fingerprint is a match with no one. That means you have a totally different type of skillset. We need to address our concerns as our body called counselors have certain amount of knowledge and in specific areas. Also she can misinterpret your needs and wants especially when you are vague and inaccurate while explaining your case to her.
      A psychologist will prescribe a pill to you based on what you told him. You only know your condition very well. If you are able to put out what’s in your mind, then you will be diagnosed properly and thus will be happy with the result .

      1. I do agree but a highly skilled psychologist might be able to ask the right questions that you or others you know haven’t thought of. So the do serve some purpose. Although I don’t think it would be wise to leave the entire decision up to that 1 counselor. I think the more a person open and honest a person is with the trustworthy people they are seeking guidance from the better the odds they have tho. Because a lot of times a person can not see themselves the way that other people do.

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