It feels amazing and I feel respected.

When someone likes my post ,when someone follows my blog,When they leave a comment,ask me a question,leave a feedback and even a criticism .

There have been numerous occasions when I felt low on energy,lonely,down in the dumps and I decided to post here and some liked or followed my blog and it totally changed my state by lifting up the spirits.I felt such a joy and relief that I completely broke out of my sad and melancholy phase.

In fact lately I have been liking this feeling so much so that it gives me more pleasure than someone greeting me while I am walking at the park or a street .Because when someone offline greets me and says hi I feel that was done merely out of social obligation and etiquette.But online when someone decides to click on like button ,it means that they enjoyed reading my work and had a want to appreciate that by liking or following it.

Thank you all who make me happy and I hope you all achieve your goals as my good wishes accompany your efforts .


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