Oh Mrs. Waddell , how you conducted your math class.

I remember how you taught me algebra when I was in your class.I would like to fail that class and re-take your class,but you probably don’t teach there anymore.

I liked how you wrote a problem on the blackboard and quickly turned around to ask dear students what do you guys think I should do next.There was a time when I was the only one to raise hand because no one else knew the answer.I felt happy that I was given the opportunity to impress you,we were about to have an eye contact a few seconds long,.

I was teased by you,as you just didn’t ask me to speak out the answer.You first looked around in the classroom from one end to another to see if anyone else also raised their hand,but to no avail it was just me.I don’t know if that made you happy or sad but I was delighted as I knew I was about to have that one-on-one-in-a-public conversation.

You looked at me with a little smile and nodded your head quickly twice to gesture that now I could answer the question.I did and after I spoke the answer you said correct , and looked at the whole classroom from left to right just like a person in the audience looks at the wimbledon game but slowly.I believe you did that make others realize that they should have known that answer ,or why only Me who knew the answer,or you said something like have you guys not been reading the material? But you didn’t say any of it I read your eyes and expressions that way.

I learned Algebra in your class got an A ,it felt good not so much because it was an achievement for me but because I thought you would be impressed and probably call me in your office to talk to me.

I thought you would talk to me after the class as everyone was leaving but you didn’t.I wasn’t the last one to exit the class room because I also didn’t want to make you feel almost obligated to talk to me.

There was a time when I got 100 out of 100 in the class and the day you handed out results you asked Does the person who received top score want to acknowledge by raising their hand . I didn’t raise my hand because a person I wanted to impress already knew I was the one with top score ,I didn’t want to impress anyone else.

My wish or desire to learn from you and only you Mrs.Waddell has its impacts on my grades with other classes.I remember everything you taught and said in the class,no wonder I got an A+ in your class.I am still saving it the question with my answers on it ,you have circled it with red pen and written A+ on it with a note saying excellent at the bottom.

I wanted to follow up with you on that but I didn’t.

During the the last month or so of the semester you were pregnant with your first .It was the first time I realized you were married.I was hurt but happy that your motherhood was about to begin,I know it is any woman’s dream day.

There was a time you were impressed with my score and at the end of the class you asked me how I was taught math in my country.

(I will continue to update later sorry and thank you .I think I have some psychological condition but don’t know the name of it.I haven’t been diagnosed because I haven’t seen the doctor in last 3 years.I just can’t wait till the story is finished ,I publish prematurely.)

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